Miami-based HONEYDEW was founded by content creator Jenn Maxwell and built with her core values around self-love in mind. As someone who has always felt very strongly about the importance of showing herself grace and compassion throughout her life, Jenn has extended this care to her audience across social media - helping other women not only feel confidence in their skin, but feel secure in outwardly expressing that confidence - without the fear of others judging them. To her, the ultimate It-Girl is the woman who loves herself unconditionally, and shows that love through taking care of her mind, emotions, and body.

HONEYDEW is the uniform for the self- loving It-Girls - the girls who are grinding at school to get a degree, or working hard for a raise. Or filling their day with friends or hobbies that make them happy. Or taking days off because mental health is important too. At HONEYDEW, we want to be your

honeydew lounge girl wearing high neck backless onesie playsuit

go-to closet favorite on days where getting dressed isn’t the most important part of your day. You’re busy, you’re focused, you’re conquering the world -  and we want you to look good doing it with minimal effort.

To the girls who truly honor themselves - we see you, we admire you, and we think YOU are the It-Girl goal. We’re honored to be part of your daily uniform and always want to make you guys as proud as you make us.